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ItemPrice Each
Asahi 330ml stub slab $65.99

Japan's No1 Dry Beer.

... more info
Becks 330ml stub slab $59.99

Easy drinking beer with a fruity,nutty and sweet aromas.

... more info
Beerlao 330ml stub slab $60.99
 Sold Out... more info
Bintang Pilsner 330ml Slab $65.99
Sold out

Bintang is clean, light golden in colour. A nice balance of hops and malt, with a crisp refreshing finish.
... more info
Budvar Budejovicky 330ml stub slab $61.99
Budejovicky Budvar (or Budweiser Budvar) is one of the Czech Republic’s favorite beers and the Czech’s love their beer and are know for being the... more info
Budweiser 355ml stub slab $61.99
Pale sparkling bright appearance, medium-intensity sweet, fruity aroma.... more info
Carlsberg 330ml stub stub $55.99

Medium-bodied, slightly dry beer, low to medium intensity,aromas of roasty/toasty smell.

... more info
Carlsberg Elephant 330ml stub slab $66.99

Robust, bitter, powerful aromas that lead into a palate to be desired if you like high alc beers.

Food Idea!
Spicy thai dishes.

... more info
Chimay Blue 330ml stub slab $154.99
Take a bottle of Chimay, uncork it, smell it, already the beer is giving off its subtle aromas. Then allow this incomparable liquid to pour slowly... more info
Chimay Reserve 750ml 2pk $41.99
 sold out.... more info
Corona 355ml stub slab $65.99
 A great beer on a warm day with a lemon or lime wedge in the bottle for a extra wist. Try is version of drinking... more info
Double Expresso Premio Caffe Birra 330ml (only sold in units) $6.99
Sold out. Double Espresso is a premium beer, brewed to the highest quality. Rich, dark and stylish with a taste that lives up to the promise... more info
Grolsch 330ml stub slab $47.99

A smooth, full-bodied beer with a nutty character, medium roasted malt aroma. The palate offers full-bodied, malty character with roasted maltiness.

... more info
Grolsch Swing Top 450ml case/12 $51.99
 ... more info
Heineken mini keg 5lt $41.99
 ... more info
Heineken 330ml stub slab $69.99

Clear and bright, with fruity aromas in a medium bodied style.
Alc 5%

... more info
Hoegarden White 330ml stub slab $78.99
The original wheat beer is the oldest and most famous of Hoegaarden’s range. When poured, it forms a soft, white creamy head and leaves a... more info
Kirin Ichiban 330ml stub slab $68.99
This product is quite impressive. A distinct pleasant aroma right from the start, followed up by a hearty and tasty experience through the first mouthful... more info
Kronenbourg 1664 330ml stub slab $54.99
Made with selected malts and exclusive yeast, the darkish beer with golden highlights has an aromatic hoppiness and a subtle bitterness that comes from a... more info
LaChouffe 750ml.case/12$134.99
LaGuillotone slab stub$144.99
Leffe Blonde 330ml stub slab $104.99
Abbey of Leffe blonde beer is a highly fermented beer to be savoured. The ingredients are light malt, corn, water, hops and yeast, which give... more info
Leffe Brune 330ml stub slab $110.99
 When I first heard about beer made my monks, I wondered if such a practice went against that whole Catholic thing.  After all, wasn’t alcohol... more info
Leffe Radieus 330ml stub slab $104.99
Abbey of Leffe Radieuse is a highly fermented beer to be savoured. The ingredients are dark malt, corn, water, hops and spices (coriander, among others)... more info
Macs Hop Rocker Pilsner 330ml $64.99
Sold out. Pours a vibrantly clear deep golden colour (I'm trying to tell whether the slight pink tinge is a trick of the light), with a... more info
Macs Sassy Red Bitter 330ml $64.00
Sold out. An incredibly hoppy and vibrant ESB from New Zealand’s Macs Brewery, Sassy Red is loaded with Saaz-B hops (Riwaka), and brewed with five different... more info
McChouffe 750ml.case/12$134.99
Michelob 355ml stub slab$57.99
Miller Chill Lime 330ml stub slab $45.99
 Miller Chill is beer that pays homage to the Latin practice of adding dash of lime to beer to produce fresh flavours and vibrant aromatics.... more info
Miller Genuine Draught 330ml Slab Stub $45.99
.... more info
Moretti slab stub$56.99
Moritz 330ml Stub Slab $72.99
THIS beer's bright label and light, cleansing appeal evokes an endless summer. And its discovery is celebrated by beerists who like their flavours lean but... more info
Oranjeboom 330ml stub slab $49.99
 Golden colour, white head. Aroma of malts and adjunct. Malty flavour, grains, bitter hops and brewers adjunct. Bitter finish, grains.  It wasn’t quite my favourite even... more info
Peroni Leggera 330ml stub slab $47.99
.... more info
Peroni Nastro Assuro 330ml stub slab $56.99

Fully Imported. Say no more.

... more info
Pilsner Urquell 330ml stub slab $75.99
 COMMERCIAL DESCRIPTION It is called the "model of meter" among beers. All other pilsners are a better or worse attempt to copy the original - the... more info
San Miguel Pilsener 355ml stub slab$56.99
Sapporo 355ml Stub/Slab $59.99
Sapporo Premium Beer is a perfectly balanced golden lager brewed with the Japanese attention to detail. The slow cool fermentation balances delicate hops and esters... more info
Sapporo 650ml can 12pk $65.99

... more info
Schofferhoffer Hefeweizen 500ml 18pk $71.99
.... more info
Schofferhoffer Kristal 500ml 18pk $71.99
.... more info
Singha 330ml stub slab $58.99
 ... more info
Stella Artois 330ml stub slab $59.99
.... more info
Tiger 330ml stub slab $72.99
 ... more info
Tsing Tao 330ml stub slab$69.99
Zipfer Slab 330ml $49.99
It's a new brewery by German/Austrian standards, begun in 1858. However, what is rarely mentioned is that a lager, or bottom-fermented beer, which is light... more info

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